residential & commercial Subdivisions

Hibiscus Contractors has over 40 years of experience in constructing residential and commercial subdivisions in the North Island giving you peace of mind that we are one of the most capable and experienced contractors in New Zealand today.

We can undertake all aspects of the civil works required to complete your project eliminating the need to deal with several sub trades and giving you one point of contact throughout the construction process.

The services we offer:

  • Site Clearing – removal of trees, scrub, old buildings etc
  • Earth works – bulk earthworks on large sites/ developments
  • Storm water and sanitary sewer drainage – Includes all pipe work, manholes, house connections, detention tanks, rain gardens, sewer pump stations, rising mains and connections to council mains.
  • Road and right of way construction – small concrete driveways to fully asphalted roadways complete with kerbs, channels and footpaths including catch pits, cesspits and pram crossings.
  • Retaining walls – we can sort all of your retaining wall needs whether you require timber, keystone or gabion basket walls.
  • Service installations – we can trench and provide ducting for telecommunications, gas, power and work with the utility providers to oversee the installation of new services.
  • Water mains – we can supply and install new water mains to your property or development including testing.

Civil Construction

Hibiscus Contractors has the relevant experience to undertake many different civil construction disciplines. The main disciplines are listed as follows:

  • Earthworks
  • Site works
  • Floor pads
  • Retaining wall work
  • Storm water drainage including pipelines, manholes, detention tanks, storm filters and rain gardens
  • Waste water drainage including pipelines, manholes and pump stations
  • Ground works for large and small construction sites
  • Footpaths, cycleways, residential and commercial concrete driveways
  • Stream works, fish passages, erosion mitigation e.g., gabion baskets, cast-insitu or precast wing walls
  • Farm tracks and races
  • Water mains

Road COnstruction

Hibiscus Contractors owns and operates an extensive fleet of road construction equipment including:

  • Mitsubishi Truck & Trailer units
  • Komatsu Bulldozer
  • Excavators – 1.7 to 23.5 Tonne
  • JCB 4CX
  • Loaders
  • Graders
  • Multiple Sized Rollers
  • Transporter Trucks
  • Multiple Water Carts
  • 9 Tonne Dumpers

LIME & CEMENT Stabilisation & Lime drying

Hibiscus Contractors owns and operates an extensive fleet of lime and cement stabilisation equipment including:

  • Multiple Komatsu GS360 Road Stabilisers
  • Bomag Pulverisor
  • Dynapac Vibratory Padfoot Compactor
  • Mitsubishi 6x4 Spreader Trucks
  • Dedicated Fuso Eight-wheel Cement Spreading Tankers
  • Bulk Lime Tanker Trailer
  • Mitsubishi 6x4 Water Carts.

Hibiscus Contractors will either undertake stabilisation only or can trim and finish for seal depending on the client’s requirements.

We have the capability to directly inject metered water into both bowls of our Komatsu GS360 Road Stabilisers.

We have the capability to handle large volumes of cement and lime so can undertake projects of any size. Our company operates two transport trucks and has the ability to establish our plant quickly to any location in the North Island.

Our lime supplier is Graymont Limited. Our Cement is supplied by Golden Bay Cement Co.

Hibiscus owns and operates dedicated lime drying equipment including:

  • Komatsu GS360 Tracked Stabiliser
  • Mitsubishi LD100 Tracked Spreader Trucks
  • Bulk Lime Tankers